I’m Suraj Uttamchandani, a Ph.D. in the Learning Sciences at Indiana University. Welcome!

Research Interests

My research interests run across three main categories:

  • Political Forms of Learning – what is the relationship between learning theory and issues of social equity? My research centers on how politics, activism, and theories of learning come together.
  • Discourse Analysis – what is the relationship between language and learning? Methodologically, I draw primarily on discursive psychology in my research.
  • Participatory Forms of Research – how can we engage in learning sciences research with rather than on folks? In addition to more common forms of participatory action research, I am interested in sustainable and equitable relationships between university-based researchers and community stakeholders.

I also have interest in and emergent experience with:

  • Math Education
  • Learning Spaces
  • Constructionism
  • Online learning (MOOCs; digital credentialing)

Selected Publications

Curriculum Vitae

You can find my CV here. To maintain anonymity in peer review, manuscripts that are currently under anonymized review are omitted.

Teaching Resources

At Indiana University, I have developed and/or taught a variety of courses. Here are some links to syllabi and reading lists.

  • I developed and taught “General Educational Psychology,” a new course geared towards a general audience. The course surveys cognitive, sociocultural, and equity-oriented theories of learning. Students engage in cognitive, cultural, and critical ethnographic research at an out-of-school learning site of their choosing.  You can see the syllabus and course calendar from Spring 2019.
  • I taught and iteratively refined “Learning: Theory into Practice,” a required course for IU undergraduate pre-service teachers. The course covers a variety of learning theories and applications. It also hones important pedagogical skills through lesson planning, video analysis, and revision of teaching philosophies. You can see the syllabus and course calendar from Spring 2018.
  • I was a teaching assistant and researcher with “Assessment in Schools” (instructor: Dr. Dan Hickey), an open online course aimed at post-graduate students, including in-service teachers and administrators. You can learn more about our course efforts in our ICLS paper here.

Towards a Political Theory of Learning

A core aspect of my work is to understand the relationship between learning theory and critical social theory. You can find a reading list I created around these topics here (May 2017).

Let’s Talk!

Email: suttamch (at) indiana (dot) edu
Twitter:  @_SurajUttam