Teaching & Pedagogical Materials

At Indiana University, I have developed and/or taught a variety of courses. Here are some links to syllabi and reading lists.

  • I developed and taught “General Educational Psychology,” a new course geared towards a general audience. The course surveys cognitive, sociocultural, and equity-oriented theories of learning. Students engage in cognitive, cultural, and critical ethnographic research at an out-of-school learning site of their choosing.  You can see the syllabus and course calendar from Spring 2019.

  • I taught and iteratively refined “Learning: Theory into Practice,” a required course for IU undergraduate pre-service teachers. The course covers a variety of learning theories and applications. It also hones important pedagogical skills through lesson planning, video analysis, and revision of teaching philosophies. You can see the syllabus and course calendar from Spring 2018.

  • I was a teaching assistant and researcher with “Assessment in Schools” (instructor: Dr. Dan Hickey), an open online course aimed at post-graduate students, including in-service teachers and administrators. You can learn more about our course efforts in our ICLS paper here.

Additionally and with partners, I have created many free online resources designed for pedagogical purposes, described below:

  • “Queering the Schoolhouse: LGBTQ+ Inclusion for Educators”  
    Coursera (Adult Education, Online Education)
    in collaboration with Jacob McWilliams and Daryl Boyd, University of Colorado 

  • “Tiny Methods Workshops” – Qualitative Methodology Series 
    commissioned by Indiana University School of Education
    Webinars on: conducting interviews, writing up findings, thematic analysis, & writing the dissertation proposal

  • “ProofSpace” – Repository for Videos and Problems on Mathematical Proofs 
    SUNY Geneseo, Department of Mathematics 
    Co-designed with Aaron Heap

Finally, a core aspect of my work is to understand the relationship between learning theory and critical social theory. You can find some material around these topics here: https://surajuttamchandani.com/critical-learning-sciences-resources/