Selected Recent Publications

  • Uttamchandani, S. (in press). Educational intimacy: Learning, prefiguration, and relationships in an LGBTQ+ youth group’s advocacy efforts. To appear in Journal of the Learning Sciences. Online advance copy:
  • Uttamchandani, S., Bhimdiwala, A., & Hmelo-Silver, C.E. (2020). Finding a place for equity in CSCL: Ambitious learning practices as a lever for sustained educational change. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 15(3), 373-382. [Link]  
  • Uttamchandani, S. & Lester, J.N. (2020). A discursive psychology study of epistemic primacy in an LGBTQ+ youth group’s textual educational materials. Discourse, Context & Media, 33. [Link]
  • Dennis, B., Uttamchandani, S., Biery, S., & Blauvelt, A. (2019). LGBTQIA+ youth as multicultural educators. Ethnography and Education, 14(3), 360-376. [Link]
  • Uttamchandani, S. (2018). Equity in the learning sciences: Recent themes and pathways. In J. Kay & R. Luckin (Eds.), International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2018, Volume 1 (pp. 480-487). International Society of the Learning Sciences. [Link]
  • Uttamchandani, S., Pfingston, I., Smith, B., & Dennis, B. (2019). LGBTQ+ youth expertise on allyship and advocacy for educators. The Assembly: A Journal for Public Scholarship on Education,2. [Link]

For a full list of publications, please consult my CV.