Pedagogical Materials

With partners, I have created many free online resources designed for pedagogical purposes, described below:

  • “Tiny Methods Workshops” – Qualitative Methodology Series
    commissioned by Indiana University School of Education
    Webinars on: conducting interviews, writing up findings, thematic analysis, & writing the dissertation proposal
    Click here to access

  • “Queering the Schoolhouse: LGBTQ+ Inclusion for Educators”  
    Coursera (Adult Education, Online Education)
    in collaboration with Jacob McWilliams and Daryl Boyd, University of Colorado

  • “ProofSpace” – Repository for Videos and Problems on Mathematical Proofs 
    SUNY Geneseo, Department of Mathematics 
    Co-designed with Aaron Heap

Finally, a core aspect of my work is to understand the relationship between learning theory and critical social theory. You can find some material around these topics here: