Navigating Academia

Here are a few things I have written about navigating the learning sciences & academia

  • With Yotam Hod, I wrote a guide called “Graduate Student Support for Completing a Learning Sciences Degree and Navigating the Field.
    • Part I, entitled “The Journeys of Completing a Ph.D.,” is available here. It is primarily aimed at graduate students in the dissertation or thesis phase.
    • Part II, entitled “Becoming a More Central Participant in the Learning Sciences,” is available here. It is primarily aimed at those new to the field.
    • A twitter thread that briefly describes the goals and limits of the guide is available here.

  • A short document I pulled together, called, “8 Pieces of Academic Job Market Advice For Hirers,” is available here.

  • As in the pedagogical materials tab, I have some guides to qualitative research, on the topics: conducting interviews, writing up findings, thematic analysis, & writing the dissertation proposal: click here to access